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The Trial Of Porphyria's Lover

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From a legal perspective the poem Porphyria's Lover is a written account of the death of Porphyria. Since the lover admits to being responsible for Porphyria's death he could rightfully be put on trial for murder in nearly every jurisdiction. Should that be the case then what would be the best defense to present to the jury?

If a jury could be persuaded that Porphyria's Lover was a self centered sexual deviant then the "madman defense" might prevail and the Lover escape the death penalty by reason of insanity. If the defense of "euthanasia" is successful then Porphyria's lover committed an act of mercy which would constitute such a mitigating factor as would also allow Porphyria's Lover to escape the death penalty. The risk to getting it wrong is that pursuing a defense that is unsupported by the facts would likely result in the execution of Porphyria's Lover.

In order to decide which defense a jury would most likely believe a skilled attorney would interpret the facts on the basis of sound reason and common sense. That interpretation would then be applied to the elements required for each prospective defense to be proven and the final decision based upon which defense as applied to the facts involves the most logical stream of reason.

          Most any lawyer can argue his case to excess but in the end it is the jury who will announce a verdict upon which the defendant's fate will be decided. So let this be a trial in progress and let each person interested enough in the type of guilt to be applied to Porphyria's Lover cast their vote as to which defense is most likely to succeed.
          Will a jury of 12 common people be more persuaded by the historical "madman" defense or would the "euthanasia" argument be more likely to prevail? To vote and see the results as to which defense the attorney for Porphyria's Lover should argue to the jury click on the alternating CLICK HERE/CAST YOUR VOTE button below. Your vote is entirely confidential and will not expose you to any form of contact from anybody.

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